Drum Carving Program in Ghana

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During this 4-week program, students live in Accra, Ghana, working with some of the best carvers in the world, learning the history of African drumming, and exchanging stories and ideas with Ghanaians. Students work one-on-one with a professional carver for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. The carving partners focus on building a drum for superior sound as well as artistic integrity in the long tradition of Ghanaian artistry, incorporating traditional Asante Adinkra designs into the carving of the drum base. While all students finish the program with a drum that is uncompromising in the quality of its sound and artistry, the size and detailing of the drum will depend on the student's experience and ability in working with the materials and tools. Whether you are new to drumming or an experienced crafts person, the carver you work with will assess your experience and skill-level and work with you at an appropriate level. At the end of the 4 week session, each student will leave with the personalized drum they carved.

The total program fee is US$800 per student. The program fee covers the training, the accommodation, the food (including drinkable water), and the completed drum.

The Accra Artisans Exchange is a collaboration of like-minded individuals from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean who share a love of West African art and music, an aspiration to bring together different peoples, and a strong desire to improve the current economic conditions in Ghana. Our program aims to facilitate a one-on-one exchange between skilled African craftsmen and people from around the globe who want not only to learn a centuries-old craft, but also to bring with them elements from their own culture to share with one another.

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