Akia Kwabina

Drums from Akia Kwabina

Ghanaian Drums

Situated in the heart of Accra in Ghana, in West Africa lies a drumming shop where traditional materials are used by local craftsmen to carefully and painstakingly make beautiful African drums like this.

As well as producing the drums, the drumming shop regularly tours West Africa performing concerts to tourists and local people alike.

Local timber from the village is used to make the base of the drum and is sanded smooth and varnished to protect the wood. The base is decorated with pictures in paint or symbolic symbols are carved into the wood.

The skin of the drum is often made from goats' hide but cows' skin can also be used. The head of the drum may either be decorated with paint or the traditional African kente cloth.

The finished masterpiece is a beautiful high quality handcrafted drum made using local materials supporting local people and their traditional skills.

For further information and enquieries, including prices and shipping costs, please contact Akia Kwabina at e-mail address: akiakwabina@onebox.com

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