Stephen Calcutt

Steve and EllaI started out making drums in December 1996, sculpting them from native timber such as oak or beech, and skinning them with deer hide, these drums are based on the African djembe and the bougarabou.

I had a great honour about a year ago when the Zimbabwean performance group Siyaya Arts bought some of my drums from me, selling drums back to Africa!

Through the Millennium Forest for Scotland I received funding to create a set of drums from native timber and deer hide, and from these I made a CD of music that drew on rhythms from Africa and Latin America, the tunes each represented a different stage in the drum making, the rhythms were made into loops and arranged into tunes, backed up with a little synth’ and guitar, the over all sound is very natural with hints of modern dance music, it is very lo tech’. I wrote a 38-page booklet that looked into the making of the drums, and produced a project sheet that linked the CD and booklet together as an educational tool the purpose being to help make links to our woodlands.

The music is available in it own right at two web sites: as a CD.

Also under ‘treehouse’ at in mp3 format.

I do have some copies of the CD on CDR, and at present the booklet and project sheet are only available from myself, the whole package costs £14.99 plus P+P.

Bodhrans All types of Drums Bodhran

I also make the bodhrán, the drum mostly played in traditional Irish music, these are made with a laminated birch ply hoop and are about 4 inch’s in depth and come in two diameters 18inch and 16inch, at first I only skinned them with deer hide, I do use goat now. I make the beaters on an old treadle lathe that was recovered from a ditch near by!

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