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Shamanic drummer and drum-maker

chris Southall Hares

here is a little information about my path as a shamanic drummer:  
I started drumming at seventeen - at the start of the Beetles era!  I played drum kit for many years with many groups  (without ever appearing on TV!)  About 13 years ago I discovered Five Rhythms dance.  The dance changed my life.  I then wanted to drum for the dance and this led me to the djembe.  Which I have drummed on, made and taught other to play ever since.

y main interest is in life energy, how it flows and what blocks the flow.  The vocabulary I have learnt for this process is in the Five Rhythms movement practice of Gabrielle Roth which describe life energy  through 'Flowing', 'Staccato,' 'Chaos,' 'Lyrical' and 'Stillness.' 
The tools I use are:

  • Drumming - a great way to move our own energy and activate the energy of others.
  • Dance - letting our body speak its truth and by moving its energy, heal ourselves.
  • Creative play - giving ourselves permission to be free.
  • Ritual theater and sweat lodge - making space for our spirit.

Our energy for life is our creative energy.  I have a fascination with creativity, creative blocks and the relationship between our inner child, inner parent and mature adult self.  I feel that understanding the nature of this relationship is the key to accessing our creative flow. 
My way is the way of the body, opening a path for communication between the different parts of ourselves:
The spirits of our animal parts;
Our elemental nature - water, fire, earth, air and spirit - the Five Rhythms of life;
And the younger layers of ourselves.
By their nature these parts of us may need non-verbal or non-intellectual ways of communication. Making space for this communication is one of the vital challenges facing our civilization.
My desire is to do this and make it fun; to go for joy, even if it means moving through difficulty on the way. My goal is to be whole.


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