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In order to have your free Web page you need to be listed under one of the following headings:

1- Evening Workshops & Teaching Groups
2- Teachers
3- Drum-Makers (Click here)

If you are already listed click here
If you are not please read on.

How to submit to our lists

To be listed click on appropriate button below and fill in the subsequent form

Free Page Submission

For your free profile page you need to supply the following information:

Please supply the heading you are listed under, if you are listed under more than one heading include all additional headings as your name is the link to your page(s). If you are listed under more than one heading you are entitled to a page per heading. i.e.. say you are a drum-maker who also teaches drumming, you can have a page under DRUM-MAKERS and another under TEACHERS but the content of each page has to be relevant to the title.

Please supply the text to be included on your page. You can have up to 250 words per page. Send this to us by e-mail as an attached file in .txt format or by post, as long as it is typed (or could be on a floppy). Please note that hand written text will not be accepted.

You can include up to 3 images per page. Send this to us by e-mail as an attached file in .GIF, .JPEG or .BMP format scanned at 72-75 dpi, or send photos by post.

If you have an idea of how your page should be displayed, send us a clearly drawn and marked template by e-mail or post.
On all correspondence please include SUBJECT: Re- Submission.

That's all folks.

How to contact us

By e-mail:
By phone: +44(0)1206 330407
By post: ADB Admin, 4 Rowan Close, Stanway, Colchester, Essex, UK. CO3 0QJ

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