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Paul Bennett Paul Hans Bennett, Director
28 Levens Way, Newbold
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
UK S41 8HZ
Office: 01246 269232
Mobile: 07966 751978
Experience the power of drumming together!


With a wide variety of work and life experience, Paul brings a breadth of knowledge that informs his practice. He has 23 years' experience as a drummer and percussionist, 6 years specialising in African drumming, and 4 years as a practising social worker . Paul has trained twice with Arthur Hull at UK Drum Circle Facilitators Playshops.

Initially a meteorologist, worked with the Met Office for 8 years. He has had 2 spells in South America as a charity relief worker. As a qualified social worker he has worked in Hospital and Community settings with various groups including Older People & Adults with Learning Difficulties. He has introduced therapeutic drumming to patients at a Dementia Day Hospital and a residential home. In the last three years he has developed his work in therapeutic drumming, working in a diverse group of settings. These include an adolescent referral unit, a homeless centre and a complimentary therapy practice. He recently accompanied Barry Wakefield to the World Parkinson's Congress in Washington DC where they facilitated therapeutic drumming sessions.

Paul Bennett

"I am someone who is enthusiastic about my work. I have experienced at first hand the power of community drumming. It has built bridges where words only serve to divide. Within lies the potential to bring healing, understanding and a common ground for individuals, communities and corporate identities alike. Oh! And it's great fun too!

A qualified social worker, I practice using the person centred approach. I value the relationship with the participants as vital to the success of the drumming event. By valuing the contribution of everybody, the group identity is strengthened and the drummers empowered.

Drumming for me is a passion. It is a tool for communication with a wide variety of individuals and groups. I have witnessed the power of drums to bring people together. Rhythm is primal; it appeals to many of us without us realising why! I use affirmation, encouragement and humour alongside teaching skills to enable any group to achieve more than they might imagine possible!"

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