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Ric Alviso   (Los Angeles, California)
Yao Angelo   (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)
Kehinde Ardrey   (Philadelphia)
Jim Arnold   (Midwest City, Oklahoma)
Babakosan   (Asheville, North Carolina)
Assane Badji-Sylla   (New Paltz, NY/Ulster)
Joe Bailey (Richmond, Virginia)
Mbemba Bangoura   (New York)
Clifford Brooks   (Berkeley, California)
Aboubacar Camara   (Palm Bay, Florida)
Aly Camara   (Atlanta, GA)
Mamadouba Camara   (Kingston, New York)
Nzingha Camara   (Los Angeles, California)
Yamoussa Camara   (Dallas, Texas)
JC JOHNNY CONGA   (Burien, Seattle)
Eric Dannenbaum   (Austin, Texas)
Steve Deats   (Pomona, New York)
Anthony DeMar   (Indiana)
Madou Dembele   (Des Moines, Iowa)
Beth Dyer   (Santa Cruz, California)
Bernd Geh   (Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona)
Michael Gettel   (Seattle, WA)
Sherry Gingras   (Austin, Texas)
Budhi Harlow   (Santa Barbara, California)
Fatu Judy Henderson   (Denver, Colorado)
Lori Henderson   (Simpsonville, SC)
Jeff Holland   (Greenville, SC)
Blair Hornbuckle   (Rochester, New York)
Kip Hubbard   (Port Townsend, WA)
John Hughes   (Brattleboro, VT)
Melvin Johnson   (Norman, OK)
Luke Kende   (Memphis, Tennesse)
Willie Koenig   (Oklahoma City, OK)
Youssouf Koumbassa   (Philadelphia & NY)
Abdou Kounta   (Columbus, OHIO)
Dale Largent   (Bend, Oregon)
Frank Lazzaro    (San Diego, California)
Tepaka Lunda    (Memphis)
Kenya Masala    (Tucson, Arizona)
Scott Parker Mast    (Boulder, Colorado)
Kymberlee Maxine    (San Diego, California)
T.R. McKotch    (Jamestown, New York)
Musa Mkhwanazi (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Diana Mapes    (Denver)
Michael Markus    (New York)
Akuntunde Oyewole    (Beaufort, SC)
Nimely Napla    (St Paul, Minnesota)
Mellonee Pauley    (Mansfield, MA)
Joe Platz    (Amherst, MA)
Niancho Sanneh   (Pasadena, California)
Solomon Shokes   (Columbia, South Carolina)
Fode Sissoko   (Hudson Valley, New York)
Lamine Soumah   (Kingston, New York)
Mamadou Boynarr Sow   (Davis, CA)
Alan Tauber   (Boston)
Michael J.Taylor   (Chicago, Illinois)
Kenne Thomas   (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Ola Tunje   (Jackson, MS)
Len Wishart   (Charlottesville, Virginia)
John Yost   (Chicago, IL, cook)
Gerry Zaragemc   (Houston, Texas)
Blaise Zekalo   (Indianapolis, Indiana)

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USA- drumming Groups/ Circles Submit details of a drumming teacher

New York
Group name: Asase Yaa
Facilitator: Yao Ababio
Date: M, T, W, Th
Time: 8-12 pm
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: 718 221 9055
We are a young adult African American Dance and Percussion Group. We hold dance classes three days a week in Brooklyn. We also tour the world as well as the United States. Our dancers and percussionist travel with other well known artist.


Burien, Seattle
Group name: "ORIGINS"
Facilitator: Johnny Conga
Date: Mon-Friday
Time: 9am till 12 noon
Drum loan: No
Session: Open
Contact: 718 221 9055
"ORIGINS" is an Afro-Caribbean 5 piece drum ensamble, performing the rhythms of the Caribbean-Africa and Brasil. Rhythms include Rumba - Guaguanco - Bomba - Plena - Afro - Samba - Bata -Yesa - Comparsa and many more routines with vocal accompaniement,and visual artistry.


Trenton , NJ
Group name: Unuzi
Facilitator: Baba Tim
Date: Thurs
Time: 6:30 pm
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: 609-406-0528
Venue: Martin house Learning Center
These classes are located in Trenton, NJ they are for beginner to advanced drummers. The Martin House Learning Center is located on 794 East State Street Trenton , NJ 609-989-8143


Houston, Texas
Group name: Int Club of Percussionist
Facilitator: Gerry "Zaragemca"
Date: Tuesday's
Time: 10pm to 12am
Drum loan: ?
Session: Open
Contact: 713 942 5476, 281 7876874.
Venue: Lotus-Lounge Down-Town-Houston
Gerry is a Master Percussionist, researcher and CD-Music-Producer, with 50 members-students(all levels), Gerry is been conducting a the Best Drum-Circle in the U.S.(Houston-Press). Featuring, African, Dance-Beat, Cuban, the best brazilian Jam, Caribbean, Latin-Jazz and Blues. Participants come to play, to listen, or to dance.


Columbia, SC
Group name: Borenya
Facilitator: Joey Shokes
Date: Thurs
Time: 6-7pm
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: (803) 787-2113
Venue: Contact facilitator
Classes are $5. It is a very fun and energetic one hour class. Private lessons are availible at a different rate.


Hadley MA
Group name: Syzygy Percussion
Facilitator: Joe Platz
Date: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: 413-586-2427
email: Not available
Venue: East Street Studio, Hadley MA
Group classes are offered at all levels. From beginner to advanced. Private classes are also available also. Syzygy Percussion is also available to perform or lead workshops for your event.


Austin , Texas
Group name: Austin Community Drum Circle
Facilitator: Sherry Gingras
Date: 2nd Friday every month
Time: 7- 8.30 pm
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: 512-453-9090
This circle is going into its 3rd year! It is held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at 4700 Grover in Austin and is open to the whole community. The circle is facilitated by Sherry and Tom Gingras. There are usually 50-75 people attending each month and the community spirit is very beautiful in this circle. Our closing rhythm is always played with a global intention and for the last two years that intention every month has centered around world peace and hope of wisdom for world leaders.


Group name: Rhythm
Facilitator: Bill, Jenny, Rick, John yoast
Date: wed & fri
Time: w.8 , fri.9 pm
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: 312.492.6100
email: Not available
What is Rhythm? Rhythm is one of Chicago's newest bars, and the nation's most unique live entertainment venue. On drum circle nights, we invite you to come play drums -- no experience necessary! (We provide the drums and instruction). On nights with live performances, we'll host the most interesting and entertaining percussion-related acts around


Bedford, Ohio
Group name: The Hermits Hollow Drum Jam
Venue: The Hermits Hollow in the Bedford Metroparks, Bedford, Ohio
Facilitator: All Of Us
Date: Wed
Time: 7p.m. to 11p.m
Drum loan: Yes
Session: Open
Contact: 216-849-7160
We usually have a fire and potlucks. It's open to all and we share rhythms